Leaders see things differently.

leaders-see-things-differentlyFrom your vantage point at the top of an organization, you are able to view the big picture.  You are alerted to events as they unfold.  You grasp potential challenges and opportunities others miss.  Armed with this unique vision, and an equally unique drive and determination, your expectation for yourself, your team and your organization is to excel, to constantly strive for peak performance so that you not only reach the top, but stay there.

The Fine Art of Leading

Sierra Leadership understands leaders and the fine art of leading, both the ups and the downs.  We share your passion for excellence, and your determination to continually grow and improve.  We appreciate the demands placed on your time and your talents, and the toll this can take over time.  Most importantly, we know the extraordinary skills necessary to bring the rest of your team along with you to the top.

Through one-on-one coaching and group sessions, our clients:

  • Increase their leadership and communication skills
  • Enhance their level of authenticity, confidence and impact
  • Develop their teams through coaching, delegation and feedback
  • Become more strategic in designing their work and lives

Leaders Making a Profit and Making a Difference

From our home base in San Mateo, California, Sierra Leadership has helped some of the most demanding leaders in some of the most challenging industries expand their skills and their vision.  We have a passion for business leaders who believe that making a profit and making a difference go hand-in-hand and that being socially conscious and responsible is one of the most valuable assets an organization can possess, especially today.  Sierra Leadership also specializes in helping our clients develop the most effective communications strategy, message and delivery for successful high-stakes, mission critical presentations.

The Principal of Sierra Leadership, Eric Nitzberg, held leadership and executive positions which involved coaching and supervising managers and directors, strategic planning, leadership development, and board leadership prior to focusing on executive coaching and leadership development. He is also a seasoned public speaker, with more than two decades of speaking on a wide range of leadership, motivational and related topics.

We invite you to contact us to learn how we can help empower you and your organization to reach new heights.

We Guarantee Our Clients’ Total Satisfaction

We know our clients strive for excellence, so we do too.  If you are not fully satisfied with our services, we will make things right or refund our fees.