Blog: Ideas for improving Executive Leadership and High-Stakes Communication

Leading a Sustainable Company

Eric Nitzberg | February 19th, 2018

More and more, companies are finding ways to improve their social and environmental impact while increasing their business performance. Today, 90% of managers believe a sustainability strategy is “essential to remaining competitive,” and there is now a robust business case […]

Manage Stress and Boost Your Well-Being

Eric Nitzberg | January 18th, 2018

The idea that well-being is a crucial underpinning of good leadership has gained a great deal of attention in recent years. And it makes sense: physical health and positive emotions go a long way towards helping leaders be their best. […]

Sleep On It: Improving Your Bottom Line Through Better Sleep

Tatum Wheeler, Research Associate | December 29th, 2017

Nearly half of executives struggle with sleep deficiency, according to research published in the Harvard Business Review.

Speaking with Authenticity: Transcend Your Script

Eric Nitzberg | November 2nd, 2017

Many speakers I’ve worked with struggle to be authentic because they are working from a word-for-word script. They are giving a big keynote address, the stakes are high, and they don’t want to miss anything. They may even have a […]

Speaking with Authenticity: Use Techniques Without Losing Yourself

Eric Nitzberg | September 19th, 2017

Authenticity is a powerful foundation for a successful presentation. But to be your best as a speaker you have to get it right on the inside and on the outside. On the inside, you have to know what’s true for […]

Speaking with Authenticity: Know Your Audience, Tell Your Story

Eric Nitzberg | July 30th, 2017

If understanding what you are passionate about is one foundation of a highly authentic presentation, then understanding your audience is another.

Speaking with Authenticity: First, Connect with What’s Most Important to You

Eric Nitzberg | June 16th, 2017

Early in my consulting career I led a communication workshop at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. The topic was “speaking with authenticity.” I was extremely nervous.

Woman speaking into a bullhorn

Executive Presence and Your Voice

Eric Nitzberg | May 1st, 2017

In the drug development process, there is sometimes a crucial moment when a team of pharmaceutical executives is asked to present and answer questions in Washington, D.C. before a panel of experts and the FDA in an open public meeting. […]

How Body Language Affects Executive Presence

Eric Nitzberg | March 29th, 2017

Body language can have a strong impact on executive presence. In general, you want to make sure that your body says what you want it to say: that you are relaxed, comfortable and confident. Everyone’s body language is different. Different […]

Developing Executive Presence: Why Your Words Matter

Eric Nitzberg | February 17th, 2017

To some extent, you can identify someone with executive presence by what they say and how they organize their words. People with executive presence use words that are simple, clear and understandable. They participate and share their ideas fully, but […]