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As a leader, you know the importance of continually increasing your abilities and your competitive edge as you adapt to the latest challenges and set out to scale the next mountain.

The exceptional capabilities you need to positively influence those around you, to attract and retain top talent and consistently deliver superior results demand constant honing and refining.

Getting Where You Want to Go

Sierra Leadership empowers existing and emerging leaders, helping you get from where you are to where you want to be. Our uniquely designed coaching sessions are based upon a carefully structured assessment of your individual goals as well as strengths and development areas. This upfront assessment includes interviews with key stakeholders within your organization, to gain additional insight and perspective into how you are perceived.

Our clients have told us that we add exceptional value in the following areas:

  • Improving relationships with employees, supervisors, and peers
  • Reconnecting to core values, passion, and balance
  • Addressing long-range strategic issues related to their business and career
  • Building a cohesive, high-functioning team

An Internal Compass for Successful Leadership

We pay particular attention to helping leaders develop self-awareness. We have found that when you have a firm grasp of what you care most deeply about and what is truly important to you, you have a much stronger foundation to be your best and navigate the sometimes murky waters of organizational life. You are also more likely to do what is best for yourself, your company and society over the long term. Discovering and following this internal compass is a basis and a driver of successful leadership that contributes to the success and well- being of those around you.

The models and frameworks that we employ are drawn from cutting-edge research in the fields of neuroscience, leadership, communication and business. Together, we will bring more clarity to the situations you face and a keener understanding of the dynamics and opportunities within your team.

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