What does it take to persuade your audience when you have a billion dollars at stake?


Presentation Consulting

Whether your audience is made up of your employees, investors, the media, a community group or a regulatory body with the power to make or break a new product introduction, your ability to perform in the spotlight is crucial.

This requires far more than just a smooth delivery or polished use of presentation tools. You must be believable. Clearly comfortable in your own skin.

From Idea to Messaging to Answering Tough Questions

Our presentation coaching begins by making sure that we understand the desired outcomes as well as the audience you will be addressing. We then work with you, tailoring the best strategy, approach and messaging. We also help you determine the most compelling way to convey your message, carefully assessing not only what you say but how you will say it: from tone of voice to body language to media. Finally, we help you be ready to answer questions—including the toughest questions—with poise and confidence.

The Right Advice When Everything Is on the Line

We have extensive experience in specialized and mission-critical presentations.

  • Pharmaceutical leadership teams preparing to present a new drug and answer questions at FDA advisory committee meetings.
  • High-stakes presentations before technical conferences, TED and keynote presentations.
  • Venture capital pitches or other investor presentations.
  • All-hands or senior management meetings.

Situations such as these call for a different level of presentation skills and require a level of coaching that not all consulting firms are prepared to handle.

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