Unleash the energy and potential of your team

team-development-altTeam Development

One of the most telling legacies you will leave as a leader is the team you build.  How well they work together, how many remain and rise through the ranks, how their individual and group skill levels increase under your leadership and how much individual initiative they display while collaborating to reach your group goals—all will determine both the success of your organization and how you are remembered.


Our customized team development workshops help participants refine specific leadership skills such as listening, coaching, giving feedback and learning to collaborate better.  We help identify the strengths of each member and determine together how the team can best leverage these strengths and depend on each other.

Typical results include:

  • Greater trust, collaboration and energy
  • Increased productivity
  • Less tension, more cohesion
  • A boost in creativity, motivation and morale
  • Enhanced leadership and communication skills within the team

Group Facilitation

As facilitator, Sierra Leadership provides the necessary structure and assistance for you and your team to optimize the way you work together to address a specific set of goals.  For instance, you may need to create a high-level team strategy as part of business planning; or to put into place processes to enhance team communication.  Or you may have critical, strategic business issues that require the best thinking of your whole group to address.

To deliver these results, we use a clear methodology based on understanding the nuances of your team.  First, we meet with you to understand your context and desired outcomes for the engagement; then we interview members of your team to assess their concerns and aspirations.  Once we understand your people, context and business goals, we design a meeting that will best support these .  During this meeting, we draw upon our experience and our credibility as a neutral facilitator to guide you and your team.  The end result is to achieve the goals you put forward.

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