Insights: Communication

Being Interviewed for a 360

Your colleague is working with a coach. You’ve been asked to provide the coach feedback in a 1-1 meeting. You want to provide useful feedback, but you’re wondering: What’s the best way to do that? How can I be the most helpful? How open should I be? Are there any dangers lurking in this conversation […]

Keeping in Touch with Your Growing Org

Your org has gotten big. Really big. In the past you led hundreds of people, but now you’ve got thousands. How can you stay connected with so many people? How can you be accessible without burning out? And maybe hardest of all, how can you make sure they consistently get the right messages from you? […]

Nervous about Public Speaking? Here’s How to Get Past It

Do you get anxious before a presentation? You’re not alone—most people have some level of fear of public speaking. In my experience coaching hundreds of people around high stakes meetings and presentations, I can tell you it’s extremely common at all levels up and down organizations. You’re not alone! Public speaking has been said to […]

So Your Boss Has a Coach? Here’s What That Means for You

As part of the team that ensures leaders are effective, productive, and happy our goals are exactly the same. So how can we work together? Let’s start with what I do. As a coach, I play three roles with your boss. Sounding board. Job one for me is to listen deeply, ask good questions, and […]

Senior Leadership Teams Book Review: Strategies for Leading Senior Teams

This blog is the second in a two-part series summarizing the book: Senior Leadership Teams: What It Takes to Make Them Great. It focuses on the specific characteristics of leaders in supporting senior leadership teams. My observation is that the team leader exerts an enormous impact on how a team functions. While a variety of […]

Senior Leadership Teams Book Review: Conditions for Thriving Teams

The Senior Leadership Team, more than any other group, has the power to drive the success of an enterprise. The CEOs and executive team members we know are incredibly hard working, intelligent, mission-driven people who commit an enormous amount of time and energy to their organizations. And yet, even with all their extraordinary capabilities, these […]

Increasing Confidence from the Outside-In

There are two ways to increase confidence: by changing how you think, and by changing how you act. Both approaches are useful, and often you can work on confidence from both directions. To learn more about building confidence from the inside, read How to Develop Confidence From Within. In this post, I focus on the […]

How to Develop Confidence From Within

I believe there are two ways to develop confidence. One approach is to practice behaviors that look confident or that cause you to feel confident. To learn more about this kind of “outside-in” approach, read Increasing Confidence from the Outside-In. Another often more powerful approach is to work directly on your mindset to develop confident […]

Five Habits for Senior Executives

Years ago I coached a new manager who was frustrated by the amount of time he spent in meetings. “I don’t have any time to do my real work!” he said. I walked him through an exercise. On the bottom half of a whiteboard, we brainstormed all his previous individual contributor work, the things he […]