Equipping our clients to fulfill their mission

Executive coaching

Growing CEOs and senior leaders through transformative one-on-one coaching.

Today’s business climate is more super-charged and fast-moving than ever before. So senior leaders must grow faster to keep ahead. Sierra Leadership executive coaching enables that velocity by forging high-trust relationships where clients are fully heard, unconditionally supported, and productively challenged. Our most powerful tools include deep listening, provocative questions, real-time skill building, cutting-edge research, and shared insights from work with hundreds of leaders.

Our clients achieve:

  • Rapid advances in leadership and communication
  • Higher levels of trust, collaboration and transparency with key stakeholders
  • Deeper connection with core values, passion and energy
  • Actionable strategies for their most complex issues

Leadership team development

Working with CEOs and their teams to increase leadership impact.

Senior teams, more than any other group, have the power to drive a company’s performance. The most effective teams are not just a collection of high-performing individuals. The best teams function collaboratively, with strong communication, a high level of trust, and critical support structures that enable them to thrive.  The Sierra Leadership Program for Senior Leadership Teams increases the effectiveness of individual leaders in the C-suite, and their effectiveness as a team.

Outcomes of the program:

  • Improved communication, collaboration and trust
  • Better alignment on strategy and culture
  • Increased performance in achieving company mission and goals
  • Continually improved leadership effectiveness, individually and collectively

Communication coaching

Empowering clients to communicate with their companies—and the world.

Communicating effectively means listening intensely and speaking with impact—building credibility and inspiring change. We work with clients to magnify their authentic voice. That begins with understanding their audience and desired outcomes. With those clearly in mind, we help them design both what they will say, and how they will say it—from idea to messaging to delivery.

We know what pressure is, and how to help our clients manage it. We’ve worked with:

  • CEOs and executives speaking before heads of state, global media, investors, Harvard Business School faculty, all-hands meetings of 100,000+ employees.
  • Teams of pharmaceutical executives presenting new drugs before public FDA hearings, with billions of dollars at stake.
  • Senior leaders preparing for pivotal conversations with their boards, leadership teams and other high-value stakeholders.

Eric came to me highly recommended by a colleague I have known and trusted for years. I was working on an important presentation that could potentially lead to millions of dollars in new business. What impressed me most about Eric was not only his skill in helping me craft and deliver my message, but also his ability to quickly grasp the broader business and strategic issues implicit in the project.

Jim Good
EVP, Veolia Water