Sierra Leadership

Executive coaching and leadership development that helps mission-driven, socially conscious business leaders achieve their goals.

Our proven approach to client work is based on five principles

Learn by listening

We gain insight through deep listening, tuning into nuance and subtlety, reflecting back what we’ve heard, and asking skillful questions designed to elicit more.

Assess through stakeholder engagement

We work closely with HR leaders, board members, and other crucial stakeholders to ensure an aligned, informed community of support.

Define clear goals

Having clear goals—and the right ones—is crucial for the best outcomes. We partner with clients to establish a short list of granular, actionable, achievable goals.

Design for impact

We think hard about the best approach. We design coaching sessions and team offsites to provide the most value in the least amount of time, including structured, real-time practice of new skills to drive fast behavior change.

Measure results

We measure outcomes through surveys and stakeholder check-ins. We believe in feedback, and proactively ask clients to assess our engagement throughout.

Sustainability matters—to us and to our clients.

Successful business leaders know that purpose and profit go hand in hand. And customers increasingly expect more from companies. As a certified B Corp, Sierra Leadership shares your passionate commitment to environmental, social and governance concerns.


of consumers globally believe companies have a larger role to play in society.


of U.S. consumers say that a company’s social responsibility reputation influences their purchasing decisions.


of Millennials and Gen Z consumers want companies to take a stand on issues that are important to them.

Sources: Capgemini Research Institute, Forrester Research, Accenture

A sample of our clients includes: