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Talent Acquisition and Retention in Social Enterprise

Eric Nitzberg | March 9th, 2016

While reading the Harvard Business Review in June, I came across “3 Ways Social Entrepreneurs Can Solve Their Talent Problem,” by Rebecca Doherty and Alfonso Pulido. Here is a summary of that article; I think the author’s conclusions are useful […]

Measuring Corporate Sustainability:
The Wild West

Eric Nitzberg | February 11th, 2016

Over a year ago, I decided to find out what it takes to lead a successful company that has a strong social or environmental purpose baked into its business activities. Interest in this area has surged in recent years, and […]

Managing Status in the Medical Community

Eric Nitzberg | October 13th, 2015

I once attended a gathering to celebrate the opening of a new, expensive university facility. Since I had been affiliated with the organization for several years, I decided to introduce myself to one of the senior leaders whom I had […]

Four Elements of a Great Presentation

Eric Nitzberg | July 24th, 2015

The longer I’m in the coaching business, the more I realize how helpful it can be to break a skill or behavior down into its component parts.  There’s something about knowing what the ingredients are—the recipe, if you will—that makes […]

Know Your Audience

Eric Nitzberg | June 23rd, 2015

I once worked with a pharmaceutical CEO who had been presenting effectively for decades.  He had passion and flair—a great salesman and engaging communicator.  But for the scientific regulatory audience he was preparing to speak to, his tone was a […]

Don’t Climb Alone

Eric Nitzberg | September 22nd, 2014

I recently wrote about an experience I had trekking in Nepal and how its lessons apply to leadership.  Another powerful lesson came to me when I was sick, scared and alone in a remote village in the foothills of Mt. […]

To Acheive a Big Goal, Look at Your Feet

Eric Nitzberg | August 20th, 2014

In a previous post I talked about a lesson I learned from a slow-moving old man who passed me again and again in the hills of Nepal.  At another point as I climbed higher, another lesson was waiting. One of […]

What An Old Man In Nepal Taught Me About Focus

Eric Nitzberg | July 23rd, 2014

Some years ago, I was fortunate enough to spend four weeks in Nepal, three of those weeks exploring the foothills of Mount Everest. Some memories from that time recently came into my mind, and I thought I would share a […]

The One Universal Rule of Time Management

Eric Nitzberg | June 25th, 2014

Most leaders wish they had more time.  In this post, I share the one piece of “universal” advice I most frequently give executives to help them better manage their time and boost their productivity.  Are you ready? Spend a few […]

The Art of Receiving Feedback

Eric Nitzberg | May 28th, 2014

Recently I wrote about the importance of giving feedback to your direct reports and others—openly, candidly and in a way that’s actionable for them. I think 50% of the feedback equation rests on the side of managers, who have to […]