Insights: Productivity

The Power of Getting Over Yourself

A mentor once commented to me that she had mostly “gotten over herself.” We were talking about playing a larger role in the world, having a bigger platform, stepping into more impactful places. Her point was, you have to get out of your own way. I knew exactly what she meant. How many of us […]

Well-Being is More Important Than Achievement

Most retired people I know are happy. Many had careers they found satisfying. And when I ask, “Are you happier now?” They all say yes. Certainly part of that happiness comes from the lack of career stress and the freedom to do what they want each day. But there’s another element of freedom that retired […]

Leaders Need Compassion—Now More Than Ever

You ask your direct report how they’re doing. “I’m doing OK,” they say. But here’s what they’re thinking: “I’m exhausted. The past two years have been tough: COVID, isolation, George Floyd, January 6th, climate change, the war in Ukraine. Yes, I’m OK. But not really.”  In leadership development, an image that’s used to illustrate human […]

How to Find Your ‘True North’ in an Increasingly Chaotic World

“I’ve been on a fast track most of my life—great schools, top companies. And I’ve done well. But I’m not happy. Covid and the state of the world have made me question everything. Should I make a big change? Is my work meaningful enough?”

The constant volitility around us, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, have made feelings like these almost universal. They can be unsettling, even scary: they signal that change is coming. And change is hard.

Steps for Effective Delegation

Delegation is a powerful leadership skill that’s fraught with anxiety. Are you ready to let go and empower someone else, puting your success in their hands? What if you delegate crucial work to a direct report, and they don’t deliver? Or God forbid, what if they outshine you?

Delegation is so much more than just giving work to others. It’s a complex blend of skills, emotional capacity, and mindset.

How To Be A More Assertive Leader

Have trouble saying “no”? Asking for what you need? Advocating for your position? Maybe you need to be more assertive in your communication. Assertiveness allows you to clearly express your needs, while also taking the needs of others into account. Put another way, assertiveness involves being fully you, respecting both yourself and others, through your […]

healthy food

Eat Right. Lead Better.

Fueled by coffee, many leaders start working with little or no breakfast. They grab something fast for lunch, then gulp more coffee or high-carb snacks for an energy boost in the afternoon. Dinner may be the healthiest meal, but the day’s stress can lead to evening snacking, and alcohol, which erodes sleep quality. Tiredness, in turn, makes it harder to make healthy eating choices the next day.

Actually Getting the Exercise You Need

We all know that exercise is good for us. But did you know that exercise makes you a better leader?The benefits of regular exercise are clear, including a reduced risk of chronic diseases, higher levels of energy, and a better mood. These benefits in turn have positive effects in the workplace—a link that’s increasingly the focus of research.

Improve Your Positive Thinking

The field of positive psychology focuses on what helps people be happy, rather than studying problems and dysfunction. Much has been learned in recent decades about what actually drives positive emotions. Cultivating positive emotions is crucial for your well being and your leadership.