Insights: communication

Being Interviewed for a 360

Your colleague is working with a coach. You’ve been asked to provide the coach feedback in a 1-1 meeting. You want to provide useful feedback, but you’re wondering: What’s the best way to do that? How can I be the most helpful? How open should I be? Are there any dangers lurking in this conversation […]

Keeping in Touch with Your Growing Org

Your org has gotten big. Really big. In the past you led hundreds of people, but now you’ve got thousands. How can you stay connected with so many people? How can you be accessible without burning out? And maybe hardest of all, how can you make sure they consistently get the right messages from you? […]

How to Develop Confidence From Within

I believe there are two ways to develop confidence. One approach is to practice behaviors that look confident or that cause you to feel confident. To learn more about this kind of “outside-in” approach, read Increasing Confidence from the Outside-In. Another often more powerful approach is to work directly on your mindset to develop confident […]