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Leadership and Imposter Syndrome–You’re In Good Company

“Sometimes I just feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. If people knew what goes on inside my head, they would be shocked at how much I’m just making up as I go along, and how little I really know about how to be successful in my job.” Sound familiar? It may surprise you […]

Increasing Confidence from the Outside-In

There are two ways to increase confidence: by changing how you think, and by changing how you act. Both approaches are useful, and often you can work on confidence from both directions. To learn more about building confidence from the inside, read How to Develop Confidence From Within. In this post, I focus on the […]

How to Develop Confidence From Within

I believe there are two ways to develop confidence. One approach is to practice behaviors that look confident or that cause you to feel confident. To learn more about this kind of “outside-in” approach, read Increasing Confidence from the Outside-In. Another often more powerful approach is to work directly on your mindset to develop confident […]