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Developing Executive Presence: Why Your Words Matter

Eric Nitzberg | January 17th, 2017

Usually, if someone comes to me wanting to work on executive presence, or if their manager wants them to work on it, I begin by going down a mental checklist of key areas. There are many interrelated skills and behaviors […]

To Develop Your Executive Presence, Learn to Listen

Eric Nitzberg | December 14th, 2016

Executive presence is one of the most commonly asked for areas in leadership development and coaching. But, what is it? There is something of a mystery surrounding executive presence. Some see it as a high level of confidence and gravitas, […]

Does Coaching for Executive Presence Work Against Diversity and Inclusion?

Eric Nitzberg | November 10th, 2016

Executive presence means different things to different people, but generally it refers to communicating in ways that create a high level of influence and impact. This can get into murky waters. Is “executive presence” just code for adopting a style […]

How Withholding Feedback Hurts Your Employees and Why It Matters

Eric Nitzberg | July 12th, 2016

“I wish my manager had told me that the moment it came into her mind.” The more leaders that I work with, the more I’m struck by how critically important it is to give clear, timely, granular feedback—and by how […]

How to Be a More Diplomatic Executive, Part 3

Eric Nitzberg | June 8th, 2016

Click here to view Part 1 and Part 2 in the series. 9. Choose Your Method of Communication Carefully. It’s good to put a filter on your brain that’s always asking, “What’s the best way to engage in this communication?  […]

How to Be a More Diplomatic Executive, Part 2

Eric Nitzberg | May 4th, 2016

Today we continue the three-part series with four more ways to develop diplomacy. Click here for Part 1. 5.  Suspend Judgment and Allow a More Complex Picture to Form. A close cousin to curiosity, suspending judgment means avoiding putting people […]

How to Be a More Diplomatic Executive, Part 1

Eric Nitzberg | April 6th, 2016

I’m often asked to work with leaders who need to improve their ability to collaborate. Sometimes they are great at execution or great technically, but their very direct approach to communication has damaged key relationships.  Other times, they may be […]

Talent Acquisition and Retention in Social Enterprise

Eric Nitzberg | March 9th, 2016

While reading the Harvard Business Review in June, I came across “3 Ways Social Entrepreneurs Can Solve Their Talent Problem,” by Rebecca Doherty and Alfonso Pulido. Here is a summary of that article; I think the author’s conclusions are useful […]

Measuring Corporate Sustainability:
The Wild West

Eric Nitzberg | February 11th, 2016

Over a year ago, I decided to find out what it takes to lead a successful company that has a strong social or environmental purpose baked into its business activities. Interest in this area has surged in recent years, and […]

Managing Status in the Medical Community

Eric Nitzberg | October 13th, 2015

I once attended a gathering to celebrate the opening of a new, expensive university facility. Since I had been affiliated with the organization for several years, I decided to introduce myself to one of the senior leaders whom I had […]