Insights: Communication

How to Communicate Your Vision So It Sticks

Communicating your vision is the single most important task of leadership. Done well, it provides your organization with an inspiring, enticing, motivating picture of what you can all achieve together.  Why is it, then, that in so many organizations the vision doesn’t reach into the hearts and minds of all employees? And how can you […]

The Art of the CEO Deep Dive

As CEO, do you really know what’s happening in your company?  That may sound like a strange question. You would think CEOs would have a bird’s-eye view and be deeply informed. But no. In reality, most CEOs inhabit a bubble where the stakeholders around them exquisitely manage the information they can see.  CEOs have to […]

It’s All About Trust: Building a Leadership Team That Meets Today’s Challenges

The higher you go in an organization, the less insulated you are from the realities of the world. Given the unprecedented volatility all around us and the centrifugal forces within companies, leadership teams are facing extreme pressure. Some senior executives we’ve worked with have left the workforce entirely, and it’s unclear if or when they […]

Does Coaching for Executive Presence Work Against Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?

Is “executive presence” just code for adopting a style that’s just like the most dominant group?

How to Succeed in a Collaborative Company, Part 3

Today we move into new territory in how to succeed in a collaborative company–with some things that may not come naturally.

How to Succeed in a Collaborative Company, Part 2

Today I continue our series with four more ways to succeed in a collaborative company.

To Ease Conflict, See to Everyone’s Needs

Sometimes when people don’t get what they need, they fight. Take Monique and Anil, cross functional peers in a global technology company. When Anil was hired, Monique thought he would report to her. But a month later Anil ended up working for her boss. This created a rift, partly because Monique was hoping for a […]

To Ease Conflict, Give and Receive Honest Feedback

Conflict is a norm in corporate life–whether it’s a peer, a boss or a direct report. It can also be painful and time consuming. But many leaders dread conflict so much they will do almost anything to avoid it. As trust erodes, people in conflict tend to pull back from communicating. Usually that hurts everyone. […]

How Coaching Works

Often a new client asks me: So, how does this work? What they’re really asking is: What is coaching going to be like? How are we going to spend our time? How will this be structured? What should I expect? Here’s an overview of what we’ll do: Talk about your context.  I’ll want to learn […]