Insights: Leadership

The Power of Getting Over Yourself

A mentor once commented to me that she had mostly “gotten over herself.” We were talking about playing a larger role in the world, having a bigger platform, stepping into more impactful places. Her point was, you have to get out of your own way. I knew exactly what she meant. How many of us […]

Tough Times At Your Company? Uplift Yourself And Others With An Inspiring Vision

As “rolling layoffs” continue in technology companies, leaders have even more to manage.

Surprisingly, at times like these one of the most powerful moves you can make as a leader is to pick your head up, pull yourself out of the malaise, and focus on the most inspiring vision for the future that you can imagine.

How Successful C-Level Leaders Become Company Leaders

You’ve arrived—you’re now a successful C-level leader. You’ve gotten feedback that you’re doing a great job leading your function. Things are going well. What’s next?  Your next step is to move into “company level leadership,” where you retain the same title, but your influence expands well beyond your function. It’s a little-known fact that there […]

Well-Being is More Important Than Achievement

Most retired people I know are happy. Many had careers they found satisfying. And when I ask, “Are you happier now?” They all say yes. Certainly part of that happiness comes from the lack of career stress and the freedom to do what they want each day. But there’s another element of freedom that retired […]

It’s All About Trust: Building a Leadership Team That Meets Today’s Challenges

The higher you go in an organization, the less insulated you are from the realities of the world. Given the unprecedented volatility all around us and the centrifugal forces within companies, leadership teams are facing extreme pressure. Some senior executives we’ve worked with have left the workforce entirely, and it’s unclear if or when they […]

The Magic That’s Missing From Your Leadership Team? Psychological Safety

As CEO, some of your proudest and most frustrating moments are tied to your leadership team. You genuinely care about them. And you know—as research shows—that the success of your company depends largely on their performance. Yet you sense that your team is not firing on all cylinders. Why? Perhaps you’re missing a critical ingredient: […]

Does Coaching for Executive Presence Work Against Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?

Is “executive presence” just code for adopting a style that’s just like the most dominant group?

Mastering the Art of Recovery

Most of us are struggling to be productive. The reasons are obvious—Zoom fatigue, simultaneous work and parenting, social isolation, increased anxiety, and all the other pandemic-related stressors.

How to Succeed in a Collaborative Company, Part 2

Today I continue our series with four more ways to succeed in a collaborative company.