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The Magic That’s Missing From Your Leadership Team? Psychological Safety

As CEO, some of your proudest and most frustrating moments are tied to your leadership team. You genuinely care about them. And you know—as research shows—that the success of your company depends largely on their performance. Yet you sense that your team is not firing on all cylinders. Why? Perhaps you’re missing a critical ingredient: […]

healthy food

Eat Right. Lead Better.

Fueled by coffee, many leaders start working with little or no breakfast. They grab something fast for lunch, then gulp more coffee or high-carb snacks for an energy boost in the afternoon. Dinner may be the healthiest meal, but the day’s stress can lead to evening snacking, and alcohol, which erodes sleep quality. Tiredness, in turn, makes it harder to make healthy eating choices the next day.

Actually Getting the Exercise You Need

We all know that exercise is good for us. But did you know that exercise makes you a better leader?The benefits of regular exercise are clear, including a reduced risk of chronic diseases, higher levels of energy, and a better mood. These benefits in turn have positive effects in the workplace—a link that’s increasingly the focus of research.

Improve Your Positive Thinking

The field of positive psychology focuses on what helps people be happy, rather than studying problems and dysfunction. Much has been learned in recent decades about what actually drives positive emotions. Cultivating positive emotions is crucial for your well being and your leadership.

Does Coaching for Executive Presence Work Against Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?

Is “executive presence” just code for adopting a style that’s just like the most dominant group?

Value is the Currency of Great Networking

Just the word “networking” conjures an image of connecting superficially with the not-so-secret agenda of getting something from the other person.

The Essentials of Good Sleep

Getting the sleep you need is critical for good leadership. Working towards a good night’s sleep makes sense. To improve your sleep, start with a plan.

Making Time for Fun and Play

Fun, play, and recreation are especially important, and we need some fresh ideas. Here are a few we like.

Creating the Social Support You Need

Meaningful friendships. A more personal connection with colleagues. A sense of community. Oh, how you would love to have these things. But you’re so busy and friendship seems so much more elusive than it once did.