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How to Succeed in a Collaborative Company, Part 3

Today we move into new territory in how to succeed in a collaborative company–with some things that may not come naturally.

How to Succeed in a Collaborative Company, Part 2

Today I continue our series with four more ways to succeed in a collaborative company.

How to Succeed in a Collaborative Company

I’m often asked to help leaders become more collaborative. Sometimes they are great at execution or great technically, but their blunt communication has damaged key relationships.

Why Successful Leaders Fail in a Highly Collaborative Culture

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it: a senior leader is brought into a Fortune 100 company. They come in with a great track record of success in the past. Then, a few quarters later, they are gone.

To Perform At Your Best, Rest More

Feel like you’re walking through molasses every day? Most leaders I work with struggle to be productive. Some even say that they, or their organizations, are at 60-80% of “normal.”

Social Butterfly? What to Do When Video Isn’t Enough

Humans are social creatures, but some are uniquely so. These people—let’s call them “social butterflies”—are hurting badly in the time of social distancing.

“Leading in Place” During the Covid-19 Crisis

Leaders are experiencing the Covid crisis in a variety of ways. Some are overwhelmed with skyrocketing workload and fire drills, some are pinched between full-time child care and working from home. Some are isolated and anxious. Others are actually happier than before.  A recent HBR article on grief seems to have hit a chord—many are […]

To Ease Conflict, See to Everyone’s Needs

Sometimes when people don’t get what they need, they fight. Take Monique and Anil, cross functional peers in a global technology company. When Anil was hired, Monique thought he would report to her. But a month later Anil ended up working for her boss. This created a rift, partly because Monique was hoping for a […]

To Ease Conflict, Give and Receive Honest Feedback

Conflict is a norm in corporate life–whether it’s a peer, a boss or a direct report. It can also be painful and time consuming. But many leaders dread conflict so much they will do almost anything to avoid it. As trust erodes, people in conflict tend to pull back from communicating. Usually that hurts everyone. […]