Talent Density

I recently hired a video producer for some multi-media I am working on.  We had a great initial conversation, I told him what I was looking for, and then after just a few hours of work, he sent me a video that was so far beyond what I expected, it actually shifted what I think of as possible for myself and my business.

Even before I ever talked with him or worked with him, I had an especially good feeling when I saw his work online.  My instinct had been, “Boy, I would sure be lucky if I could get him.  He’s an amazing talent.”

Aside from providing me with a great business outcome, this experience also reminded me just how incredibly important talent density is.  A client of mine uses the term “talent density” to refer to having the maximum amount of talent in the minimum number of people.  He’s willing to pay top dollar for top talent, and after my recent experience, I more fully understand why.  Because in the end, you get better outcomes faster, and for less money.  And at best, they produce results that you would not yourself even dream up.