Keeping Up with the Latest

Here’s a tip for leaders who are too busy to read the news:

The Economist Magazine has an audio (MP3) version that you can listen to while you drive (or workout, or whatever:

In fact, many publications offer audiocast options that are easy to download over the weekend so that you have something interesting and useful to listen to during your commute.  Some are free.  Here are a few that I’ve discovered:

(1)  Harvard Business Review’s Ideacasts are free audio versions of some of their magazine articles:

(2)  McKinsey and Company offers free audio versions of some articles from their publication, the McKinsey Quarterly:

(3),’s audio-book business, offers audio versions of some highly useful resources.

For example, the New York Times (; The Harvard Business Review (; Fast Company (, and Forbes (

Some of their resources are abridged, which could be good or bad, depending on what you are looking for.

Of course, some of you would rather use that time to think, listen to your favorite music, or call home.  I can’t argue with that!